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Letter: Speed wasn’t a factor in boy’s tragic death

Speed wasn’t a factor in boy’s tragic death

How can the Scajaquada still be considered an expressway when the exits and even my own neighborhood have the same set speed limit? There’s nothing “express” about it anymore. The death of a 3-year-old boy and hospitalization of his 5-year-old sister had nothing to do with the driver speeding because he was going the legal speed limit. Falling asleep behind the wheel and swerving off of the road are completely different factors. Even if the man were going 30 mph instead of 50, the tragedy would have still taken place.

Reforming the expressway immediately by adding “park-appropriate” guards is a fantastic idea that should have been done beforehand, but dropping the speed limit by 20 mph is just unnecessary. Debates have been occurring for a while on whether to turn the expressway into a parkway. I can’t imagine the Scajaquada as a parkway because for years now I’ve used it to get to school and work as a quick express route.

Although I’m for the expressway title and the speed limit being 50 mph, the governor and mayor should at least call it a parkway if they’re going to treat it like one. I’m all for the addition of box rails, but why does the ability to get places promptly have to be jeopardized, too?

Adrianna Selva