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Letter: Self-serving politicians need to work together

Self-serving politicians need to work together

It’s mind-boggling to hear that another attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act, or parts of it, is about to commence on the eve of yet another mass shooting.

For those keeping score, there have been over 50 failed attempts to repeal a flawed, yet beneficial to many, health care law that is aimed at providing health insurance to all regardless of socioeconomic status or existing conditions one may have.

There have been multiple mass shootings within the United States by individuals with some type of mental illness or brainwashing. These crimes were predicated by possession of weapons that common sense says should not be allowed – yet there is no similar “obsession” by our leaders to come up with an idea to lessen or prevent more of these tragedies that end with the president speaking at the services for the victims.

Can you imagine if our elected officials, Democrat and Republican, prioritized, cooperated and came up with just one attempt to amend, rather than void, the Affordable Care Act to target those with mental illness that are responsible for such tragic events? Or how about a quick fix to prevent dangerous individuals on the no-fly list from legally purchasing weapons? Instead, we waste time trying to “win” and humiliate the opposition party by destroying a program that actually has somewhat positive merit as opposed to the slaughter of innocent civilians.

Until this collaboration occurs, self-serving politicians, hell-bent on their own selfish personal agenda or childish power struggle, will merely have their prayers, after the fact, to offer as a solution.

John Walker