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Letter: America already has well-regulated militia

America already has well-regulated militia

Yet again! Another mass assault, this time in San Bernardino, Calif. We as a nation are averaging one mass shooting per day across the land.

What will it take for federal gun control legislation and a ban on assault weapons and strict regulation of other deadly weapons?

The Second Amendment is over 200 years old. It begins: “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state …” You know the rest. The times have changed from when Americans loaded a single shot into a musket. The Founding Fathers could never have foreseen our current bloodbaths.

News flash: We have a “well-regulated militia.” It’s called the U.S. armed forces, under the regulation of the Defense Department. And at the next level, every state has its own police force, and every municipality has a local police force. These are the “well-regulated militia.”

Where is the will among law-abiding citizens to storm Congress with pressure to enact federal gun legislation to stem this carnage? Individual state laws do little. People just go where the laws are lenient, or to a gun show or online or privately, to purchase weapons they like.

I despair for the nation my grandchildren are inheriting.

Lucia Sleight, LCSW