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Letter: Silver was supportive of Western New York

Silver was supportive of Western New York

The black and white editorial on the conviction of Sheldon Silver shouting, “Good riddance,” was hardly well thought out. I am not a member of Silver’s political party, but knew him when I was employed by a former Assembly whip, and found Silver most articulate and supportive of important values that are vital to Western New York. He was a principal supporter of affordable housing, public education and the taxpayer Buffalo revitalization. It seems beyond hypocritical to tout the success of Buffalo ignoring it is funded with public money helped by Silver.

Without Silver advocating for the disappearing New York middle class, will elected politicians now be required to wear NASCAR-type jackets with patches showing the names of the wealthy contributors who actually own them? At all levels of state government, there is a significant relationship between campaign contributions and receiving state contracts.

How can The News ignore the nonfeasance of the Joint Commission on Public Ethics to investigate the finances of Silver, which he reported annually? That is its job, along with the ridiculous Moreland Commission, which seemed to be used to conceal rather than act upon allegations of political corruption.

Of course Silver was convicted of serious crimes and deserves to be punished. Yet no part of the state court system would engage in that activity; it required an excellent U.S. attorney working near the office of Silver to enforce the law.

Harvey Brody