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Letter: Obama’s policies have failed to turn the economy around

Obama’s policies have failed to turn the economy around

The Obama economy is still tanking, yet the Democratic presidential hopefuls ignore it. They talk of free tuition, income equality, climate change and raising the minimum wage.

All the polls show that Americans want jobs and a better economy. President Obama’s policies, including job-killing rules and regulations on business, only stifle growth. Obama’s economy has plagued us since 2008 and, according to the Federal Reserve, we are still in a “recovery” after seven years and our economy is too weak to adjust the interest rate. The president cannot get his job approval numbers out of the 40 percent range.

Hillary Clinton is offering us a third Obama term. She never says much about the economy, jobs or what a lousy position the Obama presidency has put us in. It should not take the economy eight years to pull out of a recession (the average is two years) but Obama is showing us how to do it. This country needs a change.

John Orlowski