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Letter: Jocko’s zest for sharing music brings joy to many

Jocko’s zest for sharing music brings joy to many

Thanks to The News and Mary Kunz Goldman for the story on Jackie Jocko and his drivers. The venerable piano man effortlessly produces glorious and inventive variations on wonderfully written music. His mind for music and his zest for sharing his music, and sharing his kindnesses, with those dining at E.B. Green’s, cry out for his shows to be recorded for posterity (how about it, PBS at Channel 17?) and for sale, and for reissues of his earlier recordings.

On each visit to E.B. Green’s, as we were eating or conversing at the table, Jocko’s stream of musical variations from his consciousness and unconsciousness popped into my mind at least once and I thought, “Wow, he just played that familiar tune in a new and delightful way.” I wanted to say to my wife, “Did you hear that?” but the moment that thought occurred, he’d already dashed along to yet another nugget, one he also has done thousands of times in dozens or hundreds of ways that give the song a fresh sound many of us have not heard before.

The answer to the title of that great old song “What’s New?” is, “Always Jackie Jocko.”

Jason Aronoff