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Letter: Sanders is working to save middle class

Sanders is working to save middle class

A recent article focused on wealthy people being able to dump millions of dollars to get “their” candidate elected. The elected ones then turn around and do the bidding of these millionaires and pass laws that hurt the rest of us. The irony is they feel they can support candidates, but God forbid a union made up of working-class people support a candidate who supports workers. They pass laws to stop unions from collecting dues. What business can run with people only paying some of the time or not at all?

If we look at our history, when union membership was at an all-time high, wages and benefits were up. We had a solid middle class that could support our economy, which is based on people being able to buy things. The millionaires tell us they are paying way too much in taxes that are stifling our economy, but the truth is they are not paying enough! Their rates have steadily declined, leaving the rest of us to pick up their tab. It’s a vicious cycle with six corporations owning the media message.

There is a candidate who opposes the buying of our elections. You do not hear much about him, because he has promised to fight against the wealthy. Bernie Sanders is supported by everyday working people. So, do you want the same old system of the wealthy having it all, or do you want a candidate who will make a difference for the rest of us? Visit

Diana J. Butsch

West Falls