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Letter: Drug prohibition fuels criminal enterprises

Drug prohibition fuels criminal enterprises

A recent letter stated: “Legalizing drugs would eliminate a lot of crime.” It was spot on. Let me expand. When Prohibition ended, criminals lost their monopoly in supplying alcohol to the public. Without the monopoly, their income dried up. Their (sometimes poisonous) product couldn’t compete with the good stuff put out by the newly back in business, old line brewers and distillers.

Unfortunately, the prohibition on alcohol was switched to heroin, cocaine and marijuana. Even more unfortunately, the results have been even worse. Prohibition had corrupted whole police departments. We now have whole countries, Mexico for one, devastated by the international criminal drug gangs. Our own law enforcement and criminal justice system is overwhelmed by a war on drugs that can’t be won.

If and when we legalize or decriminalize drug use, the international criminals will lose their income. The letter writer made the point that some drugs will be sold over the counter and some only in clinics. But the profits will be taken from the criminals.

Dennis Seekins