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Secret in Their Eyes keeps you guessing

“Secret in Their Eyes” isn’t your typical Julia Roberts film. This suspenseful thriller has her character haunted, angry and out for revenge.

Roberts stars as an FBI agent named Jess, whose young daughter is murdered shortly after 9/11. However, the prime suspect escapes conviction.

The film goes through the before and after of the crime.

The movie also stars Chiwetel Ejiofor as Ray, a former FBI agent who has been following up on this case in his spare time for 13 years. This case was part of what drove him out of his job as an FBI agent.

Ray comes across something that may be the lead he and Jess have been hoping for that will finally solve the case.

The acting in this film is amazing. Roberts wears barely any makeup. She’s supposed to be a grief-stricken mother, and she really looks the part. The lack of makeup actually helped the character that she’s trying to bring to life.

Roberts and Ejiofor’s characters have great chemistry, whether arguing about the case or just bantering with each other.

The movie cuts back and forth between what happened 13 years ago and the present. The only ways you can tell if a scene is happening in the present or the past is by Ray’s hair color and if Jess is wearing makeup or not. If you don’t know this going in, it will cause confusion. That confusing aspect would take away from the movie, because instead of paying full attention to the plot, you’re trying to figure out when and in what order all of this is happening and coming together.

“Secret in Their Eyes” is a movie with more than one very interesting and unexpected twist at the end. This movie always keeps you guessing.

Gabrielle Linsey is a senior at Notre Dame High School in Batavia.

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