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Pie Face! this season’s ‘sold out’ game

If the Pie Face! game is on your Christmas list, you may want to start coming up with a backup plan.

The Hasbro game that slaps players in the face with whipped cream is nearly impossible to find in Western New York.

By Tuesday afternoon, Pie Face! was out of stock at all Western New York Walmart, Toys “R” Us, Kmart and Target stores. It was also out of stock on the Hasbro website.

If you do find it, be prepared to pay a premium. Prices online reflect the high demand for the game, which regularly sells for about $15.

Amazon, which uses a dynamic pricing strategy, had jacked the price up to an average of $45.99 by Monday evening. Some sellers had it listed as high as $65. Most sellers showed the toy was on back order and warned that the toy might not arrive until after Christmas.

On eBay, sellers played up the game’s scarcity, with exclamation points aplenty. “Hottest Christmas toy in hand!” “Very hard to find!” “Sold out everywhere!” the listings read. Some sellers had opening bids set as high as $69. Others sold knockoffs from China for $19 plus about $20 shipping.

An older version of the game, produced by Rocket Games, was available on Amazon for $43.27. Hasbro acquired the rights from Rocket Games to manufacture and distribute the game in June.

Some prices on Amazon and eBay had come down by Tuesday as more sellers cropped up. But prices were double what they were in stores a few months ago.

To play the game, players load a plastic arm with whipped cream (which is not included) and take turns putting their face through a cardboard cutout. Players alternate turning a handle on the arm the number of times indicated on a spinner. That builds tension in the arm, eventually springing it into action and blasting one player in the face with the whipped cream.

Sales of the game began gaining traction after a video of a man playing the game with his grandson went viral in the spring. The video, which shows the grandpa giggling uncontrollably, has millions of views.

Other toys predicted to sell out this season are the LEGO Large Creative Box, Crayola Fabulous Art Kit, Doc McStuffins Get Better Checkup Center Playset, Bladebuilders Star Wars Episode 7 Jedi Master Lightsaber and Star Wars: the Force Awakens six-inch figures, according to data from ADOBE Systems.