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Letter: More choices, term limits would boost voter turnout

More choices, term limits would boost voter turnout

In response to the recent News editorial, “Dismal day at the polls,” I have to disagree with two of the solutions that were mentioned that would improve voter turnout.

First of all, changing the dates on which we vote would have no increase in voter turnout. We have always voted in November and the majority of the time the weather is satisfactory and should not keep people at home.

The other point mentioned, making it easier to register, makes me ask the question: How much easier can it be? When I first registered to vote, I had to appear in person at my local polling place. Now, among other options, you can register by mail.

One of the reasons the turnout was so low in the recent election was that we had two hand-picked candidates for State Supreme Court who were running unopposed. We also had a county executive who was running against weak opposition. In the town I live in, West Seneca, we had numerous candidates running unopposed. The only race worth casting a ballot for was the town supervisor.

Voters need more choices and more qualified people to run for office. We also need term limits, which would put an end to the same people being elected year after year. We need people in government who will put our interests first, rather than their own.

Michael A. Krellner

West Seneca