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Letter: Long-suffering fans are running out of time

Long-suffering fans running out of time

I’m a native New Yorker, but a Buffalonian for the past 45 years. During my 35 years as a New Yorker (1935 to 1970), the baseball, football, hockey and basketball teams won a total of 25 world championships. OK, 16 of them were by one team, the Yankees of course; still, the other baseball teams (Giants, Dodgers and Mets) won four, the Giants football team won two, the Jets one, the Rangers one, and the Knicks one.

By contrast, in my 45 years as a Buffalonian, our sports teams have won: zero. And this year doesn’t look too promising either. I’m now 80; is it too much to ask that one of our teams wins one – I’m a realist, just one – before I shuffle off this mortal coil? I don’t have forever, you know.

Jerry Slater