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Letter: Simon’s review of ‘Truth’ ignores some key points

Simon’s review of ‘Truth’ ignores some key points

How long do you suppose Jeff Simon puzzled over how to review the movie “Truth” without mentioning the central fact of the story – that Dan Rather went on the air with a report based on forged documents? OK, Simon alludes to it vaguely, but he seems to hold the same view as Rather – that the story was “fake but accurate.” It wasn’t.

Shouldn’t it have been worth mentioning that it was bloggers who detected that Rather’s source was forged? That CBS did a review that found Mary Mapes and Rather and others negligent in putting the story on the air? That several people lost their jobs and Rather was pushed out in disgrace?

But Simon is reliably, even tediously, leftist, and he can say bad things about George Bush in every piece he writes, but admitting the lies of the left is too much to ask. After all, he couldn’t find anything bad to say about Dalton Trumbo, the subject of a new movie. And Trumbo was without a doubt a Communist, who took orders from Stalin’s Soviet Union, and saw to it that movies critical of Communism were never made.

When movies are made that purport to be based on true stories, shouldn’t a review include, you know, the truth?

Matthew Bartle