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Letter: No need for Lancaster to waste money on totes

No need for Lancaster to waste money on totes

I read with interest the article in the Nov. 28 edition of The News about the rat infestation in Lancaster, primarily the village and some congested areas of Depew.

It would seem sensible to begin by reviewing the affected areas for dog licenses and examining the areas around the dog owners’ homes for fecal matter, which rats are known to thrive upon.

Couple this with a local law that would require all outdoor garbage containers used by local residents to have firmly attached lids if kept outdoors. These must be procured by the individual property owners, not by the taxpayers of the town and village, many of whom are already responsible enough to provide secure storage of their waste in appropriate containers kept on their premises.

If a sensible study of the most infested areas of the village and town is done, I feel confident that the taxpayers of Lancaster will miss the bullet of more tote purchases and contract negotiations with the refuse collection agents working in the town. This is not the time to be recklessly spending on totes that may not be required townwide.

Paul J. Ziolkowski