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Letter: Rescind 30 mph speed limit on Scajaquada Expressway

Rescind 30 mph speed limit on Scajaquada Expressway

The elections are over and it’s time to get sensible regarding the Scajaquada Expressway. Everyone is saying that children need to be safe, and that is absolutely true. The current plan for doing that is flawed. Here are two facts that no one seems to talk about:

A car at any speed contacting a 3-year-old will do serious damage. The best way to keep children safe while playing in Delaware Park is to construct concrete barricades similar to those that are used to protect federal buildings and stores. Fast-growing trees could be planted behind them and in maybe 15 years, the trees would be a barricade and the concrete could be removed.

The Scajaquada is already becoming so tedious to navigate that it is being avoided, and it apparently will only get worse. People still need to use cars to get to their residences and businesses, and still need to use trucks for transportation of goods, so these vehicles are now using city streets to accomplish this. By eliminating the Scajaquada as an expressway, traffic is increasing in nearby residential neighborhoods, something that endangers the children who live there. Should their safety be important, too?

The 30 mph knee-jerk reaction needs to be rescinded to keep all our children as safe as possible.

Rita M. Riley