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Letter: It’s discouraging to see Trump as front-runner

It’s discouraging to see Trump as front-runner

The title of a Washington Post column reprinted recently by The News asks the musical question, “Will Trump ever cross the line?” Taken as other than rhetorical, there are two possible answers, depending on who is asked.

A member of the dwindling minority of Americans who combine a mind with a soul might not understand such a foolish question at all. To such a person, the line has been crossed dozens of times already.

To someone who actually thinks that Trump would make a fine president, there are two forms of the “no” answer to the question: One would take the form of “what line?” The other would mean that Trump simply is not yet even close to “the line.”

The trouble with either “no” answer lies in an apparent inability of prospective voters to distinguish between Trump’s talent for glib pandering to the most thoughtless and fearful Americans and his inability to conceive of reasonable answers to the serious problems facing America. His continuing status as Republican front-runner is only slightly less frightening than that most of the rest of his Republican competitors increasingly try to sound like him.

John Nelson