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Last defendant admits role in robbery preceding death of Medina comic book collector, 77

Federal prosecutors have wrapped up the 5-year-old case involving a group of intruders charged after an elderly Medina man died when his beloved comic book collection was stolen.

The prosecution of Homer Marciniak’s assailants ended Monday when Albert Parsons, the last defendant in the case, admitted taking part in the 2010 robbery that led to Marciniak’s death.

Parsons will face 20 years in federal prison when he is sentenced by U.S. District Judge Richard J. Arcara.

Well known in the Medina area, Marciniak, a 77-year-old retired janitor, was home when Parsons and several others broke into his house as part of a scheme to steal his comic book collection.

Valued at more than $30,000, it was a series of rare Batman, Superman and Flash comics.

The comics were coveted by Rico J. Vendetti, a Rochester restaurant and tavern owner who organized the home invasion.

Vendetti admitted his role in the fatal robbery earlier this year and pleaded guilty to a racketeering charge. He will be sentenced Jan. 22.

Investigators say Vendetti’s interest in the rare comic books was rooted in a shoplifting scam he ran for several years.

During the prosecution, Assistant U.S. Attorney Anthony M. Bruce said that it was the violence behind the robbery – Marciniak was hit, threatened and tied up – that prompted the long prison sentences.

Marciniak died of a heart attack the day after the robbery.

Parsons, one of those who was inside Marciniak’s home on the night of the home invasion, did not strike him but did plead guilty to taking part in a burglary that suddenly became violent.

“My client feels very bad about what happened to Mr. Marciniak,” said defense attorney Kevin W. Spitler. “His involvement was only with the burglary but, unfortunately, things spun out of control.”

Others convicted in the case are:

• Terry Stewart, who has been sentenced to 55 months in federal prison for racketeering.

• Brandon Meade, who was convicted of conspiring to traffic in stolen goods across state lines and is scheduled to be sentenced Jan. 21.

• Dayon Shaver, who was convicted of conspiring to traffic in stolen goods across state lines and will be sentenced March 21.

• Arlene Combs, who was convicted of racketeering and will be sentenced Feb. 24.