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Letter: Republican stances are disheartening

Republican stances are disheartening

I am trying to find a reason to vote for Republicans this election cycle. I am trying to find out what issues they stand for. After analyzing all the issues, I did not find any, but I did find what they are against. I find it disheartening.

They are against Social Security and Veterans Affairs. (They want to privatize them.) They want to abolish or kill the following agencies or laws that are on the books: the Dodd-Frank Act (which prevents banks from gambling with our money); immigrations laws; the Affordable Care Act (they tried 50 times to pass legislation to abolish it); Medicaid and Medicare (which they also want to privatize).

They want to eliminate food stamps, reduce funding for welfare and school lunches and turn student loans over to private banks so they can charge outrageous loan fees and interest. They want to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency, this way they don’t have to oppose climate change, which they claim does not exist, and the Clean Water Act, which protects the Great Lakes. Some Republican states even are trying to eliminate the voting rights of their citizens.

In all fairness, after doing a little more research, I did find some things that they are for: giving tax breaks to corporations and to individuals who make their money through capital gains.

Michael Giallombardo