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Letter: Doctor turns a blind eye to destruction of baby’s life

Doctor turns a blind eye to destruction of baby’s life

As a physician, and as a pro-life advocate, I abhor and condemn intimidation and violence against abortion providers and supporters, as described by Dr. Diane Horvath-Cosper in the Nov. 22 Buffalo News Viewpoints. We must be a society of civility and law. But Horvath-Cosper turns a blind eye to the destruction of innocent life that she herself commits. How many deaths has she in her own past? Her advocacy for women is admirable, but misguided. She fails to see the deep and cruel injury that abortion does to a woman’s sublime maternal heart.

Yes, only civil and lawful means must be used to oppose abortion. True pro-lifers work and pray for the conversion of heart of abortion advocates and practitioners, for society’s recognition of the value of every unborn child, and in support of every pregnant women and her child within. I pray for Horvath-Cosper’s personal protection, and for her family’s. And I pray for her conversion of heart to see the hidden children before her.

Stanley L. Bukowski, M.D.