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Letter: Code of good conduct has to start at the top

Code of good conduct has to start at the top

Another revealing and disturbing article appeared in The News about police misconduct. Recently a letter from a reader asked the all-too-familiar question: Why is staff at the Erie County Holding Center so rude and unhelpful to visitors and families?

Fair and open scrutiny of our police philosophy and practices nationwide has been shown to be necessary and overdue. Once and for all, get off the “a few bad apples” metaphor. That won’t cut it. It’s the culture within each agency that is where the answers lie. There’s a reason why so many good police officers and support staff will look the other way or not report improper behaviors and they know better.

Any agency I’ve ever worked for the past 40 years makes absolutely certain of a code of good conduct from top leadership down. It’s more than nice words. It’s establishing a culture where the mission values are clear and where good staff can thrive.

Dave Casassa