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Letter: Obama’s troop withdrawal enabled ISIS to flourish

Obama’s troop withdrawal enabled ISIS to flourish

Jerry Zremski’s recent article quotes State Department and other sources who assure us that there is no history of refugees committing terrorist acts.

Obviously not counted here are the Tsarnaev brothers, who came on tourist visas with their parents who then claimed asylum, a fine bureaucratic distinction that will be cold comfort to the Boston Marathon victims.

There have been dozens of cases where individuals with asylum or refugee status have been charged with or convicted of attempted terrorist attacks or giving aid to ISIS over the last two years.

Obama’s decision to withdraw troops from Iraq in 2011 for political reasons will likely go down as the worst presidential blunder in our history. Within 18 months, ISIS was in control of large parts of Syria and Iraq, including Mosul, and is now operating in 11 countries. The Syrian refugee problem has exploded on his watch. This debacle also happens to be part of Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy resume, along with Libya.

ISIS terrorists have savagely murdered 353 European civilians over a period of two weeks. The president’s reaction to all this can charitably be described as muddled, while Secretary of State John Kerry muses about the rationale of the Charlie Hebdo terrorists. Obama’s outrage has been directed mostly at Republicans. A majority of Americans understandably have grave reservations about Obama’s plan to bring refugees into their communities. His deputy security advisor calls these concerns “un-American.”

Malcolm Vanderburgh