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Letter: Cuomo picks and chooses when to trample our laws

Cuomo picks and chooses when to trample our laws

Let us consider the irony of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s stance on accepting thousands of Muslim “refugees” into our state. He states he does not have the authority to override the federal government and deflect the insane importation of potential jihadists, yet he had no qualms trampling federal law in passing his unconstitutional SAFE Act to monitor his own citizens.

He has faith in the ability of background checks to vet all potentially dangerous “refugees,” who often arrive with no documents from countries that utterly lack such checks or even databases. Consider that entire sections of his NY SAFE Act are still not in effect two years after passage as the State Police have no system to enforce them in what is an already highly regulated matter to start. The projected price tag on his ammunition database would have been $100 million, at the expense of state mental health services.

As appealing as it is to instantly add thousands of future Democratic voters to the rolls, New Yorkers are wise to ask: Who are they? Are they these extreme Islamists who are pro-assault weapon? Who are anti-gay? Then they have no place in the state of New York.

James Wolfe