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Letter: Reduce speed limit in residential areas

Reduce speed limit in residential areas

While I appreciate the need to lower the speed limit on Route 198, I am curious as to why this has not led to a change of speed in the neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city? My family and I live in a residential area in Amherst/Snyder. Unfortunately, it is a cut-through road that, at rush hour in the morning and evening, is rather busy. We have small children, as do many of our neighbors. The posted speed limit is 30 mph, which means that people drive about 40.

The stop signs appear to be suggestions, rather than rules. My husband and I saw a car blatantly run the stop sign at the end of our street Sunday morning. We have placed a call to the Police Department about increased surveillance. I have not seen that happen. I appreciate that the Police Department is overworked and low on manpower. But come on. I’m sure that the number of tickets the officers could hand out would reduce my property taxes.

The speed limit needs to be reduced, or speed bumps need to be added. At the very least, those breaking the law need to be fined. The Route 198 speed limit changed because a child unnecessarily died. I don’t want it to take the death of a child or an elderly person in order to get the speed limit changed in our neighborhood. Speed limits and stop signs are there for a reason, people! It’s time to reduce the speed in residential neighborhoods to 25.

Jennifer Cavage