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Letter: Err on the side of caution regarding Syrian refugees

Err on the side of caution regarding Syrian refugees

While many feel compassion for the refugees from Syria, there has to be a point where national security and common sense dictate that this issue be thoroughly thought out before we give a blanket OK to bringing thousands here to America.

Most pictures that I have seen post all young men of military age. While there may be 1,000 seeking asylum here, all it takes is one to wreak havoc on our society. One only has to recall the Boston Marathon bombers. The disproportionate damage that one person can cause is not worth the risk of bringing in thousands for resettlement.

Once here, where will these people stay – in government-provided settlements or low-income housing? Where will the money come from to provide housing and social services to this many people when our veterans go wanting?

What method of screening will ensure that they do not pose a threat, and will ample time be given to perform the necessary screening? Many are known to refuse assimilation into their host country, preferring instead to continue with traditional ways no matter where they settle.

Because this is an election campaign year, this will certainly become an emotional issue that both political parties will exploit, further adding to the hysteria, making one wonder if the issues are truly a question of humanitarian aid or just another power struggle.

Until the dust settles, I believe we should err on the side of caution, taking whatever time we need to ensure that national security is not swept under a rug because some politicians feel that denying refugees entry is not who we are.

Charles D. Carter