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Letter: Wrongheaded ideas are wrecking this country

Wrongheaded ideas are wrecking this country

You hear many people say we should run government like business. I don’t know why they think that way because business is driven by greed. CEO salaries and benefits are excessive and sinful.

Look at the number of businesses that have failed, like Enron and the recent bailouts in the banking and automobile industry.

Business should be run like government. No CEO should make more than the president of the United States. Top executives should make no more than U.S. senators or congressmen.

Corporate greed is wrecking this country, along with the wealthy thinking they don’t have enough and the rest of us have too much.

Economic growth starts from the bottom up, not the top down. Raising the minimum wage is a start. More people joining a union is essential to grow the middle class again.

Charles Krathaus, Jr.