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Letter: Over-sensitivity is now officially out of control

Over-sensitivity is now officially out of control

From the playgrounds, classrooms and athletic fields to the college campuses, it is distressing to learn of the almost constant cry of victimization due to the insensitive nature of our institutions. Apparently almost every American institution, whether it be traditional holidays, athletic endeavors or academia, is rife with insensitivity towards some disenfranchised party.

When did we become constant victims who need everything we engage in sanitized so as not to offend a single party? When did we give up the right to free speech even when we disagree with it? When did we stop ignoring things we didn’t agree with and move to outright ban them?

We have become a culture that finds offense under every bush, in every event and every endeavor. This is not what made this nation a beacon for the rest of the world.

Gary Rog