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Letter: Bipartisan arrest list proves corruption rules

Bipartisan arrest list proves corruption rules

When Andrew Cuomo was running for governor he said he would put an end to corruption in Albany. He said he would bring transparency to Albany. Finally someone was serious about ending corruption that’s running rampant.

He started the Moreland Commission to accomplish this. They could investigate anywhere, even his own office. Unfortunately, when the investigation got too close to him, he quickly disbanded it. When asked about it he arrogantly said that he started it and he could end it.

Next he went on to praise Dean Skelos, a New York State Republican Senate leader, and also Sheldon Silver, the Assembly speaker. He held their hands and called them all, including himself, “The Three Amigos.” Later one of the amigos is arrested for corruption, among other things. Shortly after that Skelos, another amigo, is arrested for unethical behavior.

Now Cuomo is the only amigo left. After Cuomo has spent years as governor, New York State is still one of the most corrupt states in the country. We are still one of the highest-taxed states. According to an article in The Buffalo News, the Tax Foundation, a nonpartisan think tank, rated New York State 49 out of 50 for the highest taxes on personal income, property and purchases. Of course Cuomo won’t talk about that. He just claims that he hasn’t raised taxes. One thing we can say about Albany politicians is that both Democrats and Republicans are equally shady characters.

Filip R. Caruso