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Vic Carucci’s NFL power rankings

(Last week in parenthesis)

1. New England. Is the loss of Julian Edelman really enough to derail the run to perfection? (1­)

2. Carolina. If opponents don’t like Cam Newton’s celebrations, then don’t let him score. (3)

3. Arizona. At least Carson Palmer admits that facing Bengals isn’t just “another game.” (4)

4. Cincinnati. Andy Dalton was terrible vs. Texans, but he had plenty of company on offense. (2)

5. Minnesota. Look who climbed to the top of the NFC North when no one was looking. (7)

6. Pittsburgh. Pretty decent job by that “backup” quarterback named Ben Roethlisberger. (9)

7. Green Bay. Remember when everyone considered Aaron Rodgers the greatest quarterback in the game? (6)

8. Denver. Gary Kubiak needed to stand up and make Peyton Manning sit down last week. (5)

9. Buffalo. There’s only one way Rex Ryan is going to rid himself of that Patriot “obsession.” (12)

10. Seattle. Russell Wilson went from taking blame to getting it from his offensive coordinator. (8)

11. Oakland. Somehow, this two-game skid doesn’t feel as permanent as other Raider slides. (10)

12. St. Louis. Case Keenum scored perspective points by spelling his name for reporters after introduction as starting QB. (11)

13. Kansas City. Good things happen when you stop turning the ball over. (18)

14. N.Y. Giants. Next time, you might want to think about taking more time off the clock. (14)

15. Atlanta. If Matt Ryan didn’t fix his game during the bye, then it’s bye-bye Falcons. (15)

16. N.Y. Jets. Ryan Fitzpatrick and his tough-guy beard toughing it out after thumb surgery. (16)

17. Indianapolis. Matt Hasselbeck’s brutally honest take on his limitations: “There are a lot of them.” (17)

18. Washington. Kirk Cousins is making a strong case to receive a contract extension. (20)

19. Chicago. John Fox has a score to settle with John Elway. (22)

20. Philadelphia. Once again, Sam Bradford is broken. (13)

21. Tampa Bay. Depleted Buccaneers don’t have much going for them beyond defense. (21)

22. Miami. Finally, Ndamukong Suh is showing big returns on that big investment in him. (24)

23. Dallas. Tony Romo is back … but is it too late? (23)

24. New Orleans. If all else fails, Rob Ryan probably can help out his twin bro. (19)

25. Houston. J.J. Watt warming up for another QB insult. (25)

26. San Francisco. For Blaine Gabbert, starting’s still a week-to-week thing. (26)

27. Jacksonville. That was a huge win for the Jaguars … even if it was against the pathetic Titans. (29)

28. Baltimore. Well, at least the NFL said it was sorry for that costly officiating blunder. (28)

29. Detroit. Martha Ford, you go girl! (32)

30. San Diego. Getting healthier, but not healthy enough. (31)

31. Tennessee. So much for that spark from naming Mike Mularkey interim coach. (30)

32. Cleveland. Counting down to another organizational blowup. (27)

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