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Off Main Street: Dropping the H-bomb on Niagara U.

An Ivy in Lewiston

Niagara University got some national attention – and maybe a new marketing slogan – during Tuesday’s episode of Comedy Central’s “The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.”

During a segment titled “Summa Cum Protestus,” host Wilmore recounted this fall’s rapid spread of the student protest movement from the University of Missouri to other campuses.

He showed footage of news anchors talking about incidents at Claremont McKenna College, Yale University and several other schools. Viewers then heard and saw WGRZ-TV anchor Scott Levin say “Niagara University,” before the scene cut back to Wilmore and the Niagara University logo.

“Wow, it’s even reached Niagara University: the Harvard of colleges named after waterfalls,” Wilmore said, as the audience laughed.

Put that on a billboard, right Purple Eagles?

“I think whenever you’re mentioned in the same breath as Harvard, it’s a good thing,” said school spokesman Tom Burns, “and they probably think the same thing about us.”

One way to define ambition

Principal Kevin Eberle has become infamous throughout the city for his zealousness seeking a high-level administrative position.

He was the regular subject of mass emails boomed out by supporter Carl Paladino, who aggressively lobbied to appoint him superintendent. Supporters rallied for him outside of City Hall. And at one point signs surfaced all over the city promoting him for superintendent.

Those efforts may or may not have had anything to do with Superintendent Kriner Cash’s decision to appoint him as the district’s new chief operations officer.

But Cash did have a humorous way of characterizing Eberle’s ambition.

“He’s an eager beaver,” Cash told the board.

BBQ versus Buffalo wings

Buffalo has been home to a number of international companies, but a recent idea to make it an international railroad hub was quickly dismissed by a trade publication.

The idea was proposed – and shot down – this past week by a railroad industry trade publication, Trains magazine.

An editor’s blog by Jim Wrinn ponders where a combined Canadian Pacific-Norfolk Southern company would decide to locate its corporate headquarters. The Canadian transportation company, based in the western Canadian city of Calgary, announced that it was interested in buying Norfolk-Southern of Norfolk, Va.

Typically, the home base of the buyer is the winner, but neither home city is important enough to either company, so a new headquarters might be better and might indicate a fresh start for both, Wrinn suggests.

Where to, then? Wrinn looks to two places where the railroads meet: Kansas City and Buffalo.

“No offense to Buffalo, but I don’t see it happening. Might as well stay in Calgary and freeze,” he wrote. “Besides, BBQ beats Buffalo chicken wings any day, right?”

Would somebody please send him the weather stats for this month?

Don’t blame Yoko

News that the beloved Boulevard Bear Band is no longer operational had some fans hoping the band might come out of retirement.

But it seems unlikely anyone will ever be able to put this band back together.

The Boulevard Mall, where the bears have been a holiday tradition for the past 17 years, announced this week that the singing bears were no longer functioning properly. The mall worked hard over the years to update their costumes, fur and skeletons, but couldn’t get them functioning properly.

The bears are in such bad condition that it is unlikely they will be able to reinvent themselves in their retirement.They are in storage at the mall, and at this time there are no plans to dispose of them.

Off Main Street is written by Tiffany Lankes with contributions from Jonathan D. Epstein and Stephen T. Watson. Email: