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Learn more about indigenous wellness

“A lot of people say, ‘Cook me an Indian dinner,’” said Nancy Johnson, head of the Seed Institute in Buffalo. “You’re already eating Indian food. Potatoes originated here. Tomatoes, squash, corn, beans.”

Here are websites that can give you a greater appreciation of indigenous foods: Laticia McNaughton shares her story, and recipes, on this site. McNaughton’s blog. The store at 1234 Hertel Ave. carries white corn, teas and a host of other naturopathic products. The American Indian Health and Diet Project, based at the University of Kansas, offers fitness and nutrition tips, along with more than 75 recipes. British Columbia-based site devoted to Native cooking and food sovereignty. Salt River, Ariz.-based effort to promote physical, nutritional, spiritual and emotional wellness among Native Americans. “It all comes together,” McNaughton said.

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