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What They Said: Transcripts of Preston Brown, Dareus, Glenn, Graham, Incognito, McCoy, Taylor, Watkins, Wood & Karlos Williams after Thursday's Buffalo Bills practice

LB Preston Brown

Q: They lose (Julian) Edelman and Dion Lewis. How does that change the dynamic over there?

A: I mean they still have No. 12 (Tom Brady) throwing the ball so it doesn’t really matter. They’ve been doing this for years, shuffling guys in and out and still making plays, so it’s going to be tough to get them off the field because he’ll find the guys who are open.

Q: Preston, 14 penalties, temper tantrums on the sideline in Week two, what‘s to say this week won’t be the same?

A: We can’t allow that. I mean you have to have a smart head. You can’t go out there and have silly mistakes because they’ll find ways to make you pay. I mean, their average field position was like the 37 yard line. You can’t do that, they get points each time.

Q: Preston, you guys are getting the national stage in back-to-back weeks. How does it feel?

A: It’s great. To be the only show on is exciting. To go out there on Monday night is a big statement game.

Q: Is this the greatest stage to show that the team the Patriots beat the first time around is not the same team now?

A: Definitely. If they think they’re going to get the first team, they’re definitely not going to get that. I mean it’s going to be a whole different game. We’re a lot more confident, we’re playing better, and everybody’s back and healthy and ready to go.

DT Marcell Dareus

Q: How much do you really expect to get to [Tom] Brady with how fast he gets rid of the ball?

A: Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t know it all depends on if [Tom] Brady gets rid of it like the way he does. He gets it out pretty quick. If we can get there we can make something happen. We will try and confuse him with the coverages and our defensive backs and see what we can do.

Q: How tough is (Lagarrette) Blount when he is running between the tackles?

A: He is a force to be reckoned with. He gets the ball rolling. But after that he is a ball of fire, he makes some things happen. But we just got to keep the ball from rolling and we will be alright.

Q: Rex said this team needs to play a zillion times better to beat this team, do you agree?

A: Of course. I mean I just feel like we are going to do the best we can. Less mistakes,  we had to many mistakes the first game, to many penalties. It just wasn’t going to work. To many penalties on offense, to many penalties on defense, special teams. Just the small things we have to correct to just be a better team all the way around.

Q: Do you think there is that much room for improvement on this team? A zillion times?

A: Yes. Especially from the first game. Of course there is plenty of enough space to get better.

OL Cordy Glenn

Q: What have you thought about what Richie’s (Incognito) brought and playing next to him? You and he seem to work well together.

A: He’s helped me out a lot, he’s helped everybody. I mean everybody helps out everybody … but just from a leadership standpoint him just having experience, he can help some of these young guys out. He’s been helpful for us and a key for us growing as an offensive line this year.

Q: You’re in a contract year. Does that enter into your mind at all?

A: Right now, I’m just trying to get better and whatever happens at the end of the season, happens.

Q: What would you like to see happen? Would you like to be here?

A: Of course I would love to be here. Right now, I’m just focusing game by game, week by week, and everything will take care of itself after the season.

Q: Block that business side out until after the year?

A: Right now, the most important thing is doing my job so that’s what I’m focusing on

S Corey Graham

Q: How is the feeling in the locker room different this time around?

A: Feels a lot better. Obviously the first game didn’t go the way we hoped, or wanted to go. So we feel like it can’t get no worse than that. We feel good about what we got going into this game, we feel good about how we are playing, and we feel good about the match up.

Q: You did it with Baltimore and doing it here, do you get sick of chasing the Patriots?

A: Well everybody is chasing the Patriots. I mean right now they are undefeated, they are playing great. They pretty much been playing lights out the last 10 years, probably I would say. So that is just how it is. Obviously you get tired of it. It is about time for us to go ahead and get some victories.

Q: Rex said they are going to win the division, is that the feeling that they probably won’t be catchable in the AFC East?

A:  Yeah, I mean the odds of them losing four of five games is pretty unlikely. I mean they are a very good team, lets not kid ourselves. We know what we are up against. We feel like we are up for the challenge. Obviously we are just trying to get in the playoffs and then you know once you get in anything can happen. So we just go to out there and find a way to get a victory this week and then after that just look at it one game at a time.

OL Richie Incognito

Q: Rex has been talking all week that you guys need to play a lot better, I think he said today a zillion times better. Do you feel this team needs to get that much better going into this game against New England as opposed to the first one?

A: I think, yeah. Looking back at the first game, we didn’t play our best. We come out too hot, we had too many penalties, we really killed ourselves and then we found a nice rhythm in the second half and got back in that ballgame. We’ve been playing better lately but I guess compared to the first game and now, we need to play a lot better.

Q: Is there that much room for improvement on this team?

A: Definitely. I think we’re just starting to gain some traction in a lot of areas. Defense is playing well, we’re playing complementary football, we’re picking up first downs on offense and we’re scoring points so I think we’re really just starting to gain some momentum.

Q: How much different is the confidence, the excitement in this locker room after the two game winning streak? Five days apart, you play the games quick, you go from 3-4 to 5-4 right away. Was there a difference in this room after the game?

A: I don’t think so. I think we got the right mindset. They were big wins for us, we beat Miami then had to get back to work real quick so we didn’t really have time to enjoy that one, and then we went down to the Jets and had a big one. We had some time off and we came back and now our focus is on the Patriots.

RB LeSean McCoy

Q: How are you feeling?

A: Feel good. Feel good man. Can’t wait to get out there Monday night. Playing a good team and in primetime. Go out there and get the win.

Q: So no problem with the shoulder?

A: Yeah, no I feel fine. Yeah, shoulder’s fine.

Q: What do you think of the one two punch that you and Karlos Williams are providing for this offense?

A: I like it. I think this…with any team you need depth. A guy goes down, you need a guy to make some plays. He’s in there making plays and stepping up. So I like it. It’s doing well for our offense.

Q: When did you get an inkling that Karlos Williams would be this productive?

A: Just in camp. I mean the plays he’s made. Bigger back. A lot of bigger backs aren’t as explosive as Karlos. Karlos has explosion to him and he does different things out side of the box. Catching the ball. So he can do a lot and I mean G-Ro (Greg Roman) will really utilize him in the best ways.

Q: What about your production?
A: Just getting in the groove. I’ve been hurt for quite a bit. So just feeling good again. Feeling quick. Explosion. Different runs. Just feeling like myself and that’s all. Just took some time.

Q: They’re second against the run and you guys are second in rushing. Will this be a good test for you when you really kind of need to establish the run?
A: Yeah, I mean really you do. The way they play their offense, they make plays and they score. So on offense we have to score and eat some clock up. Keep (Tom) Brady off the field. It’ll be a nice challenge. A challenge for us.

Q: But try not to get behind like last time where Tyrod Taylor had to throw a lot?
A: Yeah and I mean that’s not our style. We don’t want to throw the ball 50 something times. You know have a base offense, run the ball, take shots, you know quick passes, let Tyrod scramble some and we’ll do everything. We want to be a balanced offense going against a team like this.

Q: You’ve been involved in more primetime games like this then most of the guys on the team. How important is it to tell them to stay in the moment and not let it get too big for them?
A: It’s a regular football game. I think it’s a bigger game because it’s a division game and we need to win. But you can’t let because it’s a Monday night get to you. Sure everybody’s watching and it’s a primetime game. I mean who knows. I think big time players make big time plays in big time games. So it’s one of the games we must win. I mean you gotta prepare the right way and focus in.

Q: Have you come to the appreciation of how much fans around here don’t like the Patriots?
A: I mean yeah. It’s kind of like a rivalry game and division game. So I can imagine them. Tough opponent and they’ve been winning, and doing so well lately. So we gotta get this win.

Q: After the first time you guys met this season, the sense was that you guys were emotional and not focused. Going into this game in primetime and going off two wins, what’s to say you guys don’t do the same thing?
A: Lately we’ve been playing good ball. Penalties, making mistakes, controlling our emotion, you know not really letting the play of the game get to us. You know stay in the moment. So lately we’ve been doing fine. Now the biggest test is carrying it over to Monday night.

Q: What has changed?

A: Yeah, all that together. Just focusing in, knowing how serious and important this game is. There’s times where you let your emotions mess up the team and you do, or make a bad mistake, or a bad decision and let your teammates down. So hopefully everybody has grasped that and come to grips that we need everybody together to win these games.

QB Tyrod Taylor

Q: Coach Ryan mentioned how to beat this team you need to play complementary football. What do you think he means by that offensively?

A: Extend drives. Each drive is important and we want to make sure we get points out of those drives. Field goals and touchdowns. Preferably touchdowns. But definitely extending drives.

Q: Have you made communication a point of emphasis this week?

A: Definitely. Definitely communication has been a point of emphasis. Unfortunately last week we had to use some timeouts. But a short week, not as much communication throughout the week but it’s something we’ve been able to work on with the extended week of preparation this week.

Q: You guys have a high percentage of three and outs offensively. Can you recognize the problem with that?

A: Be better at third down and that starts with me. Be better at third down. But in order to be better at third down and get yourself in the better situation on third down, you need to be better on first and second. So it’s kind of just a combination of all of us going out there and executing on earlier downs so we can stay at third and manageable, and not be at third and long.

Q: Knowing how much New England changes week to week, how much can you take from the first game?

A: Some of the stuff has carried over. But you definitely have to study and watch the things that they have been doing recently, and still keep in mind that they can still show you some of the stuff that we played in the first meeting. But like you said they definitely change throughout the year and they change week by week. So you have to be ready for everything to be honest.

Q: Last meeting early on you had a couple runs, then as the game went on that got tougher. Was that a product of the score or did they make an adjustment?

A: Mostly a product of us having to throw the football the way the game was going. Didn’t really have a bunch of time to run. We needed all the time we could on the clock so we had to revert back to throwing the football.

Q: How important is it to have a good start? You had a rough first half last meeting with the Patriots.

A: Definitely good to have a good start in any game, but especially this one. To get ahead and try to stay ahead. But it all boils down to us going out there and being focused for 60 minutes and executing for 60 minutes.

Q: How important was it to focus on keeping your emotions in line this game?

A: I think we’ve learned a lot from early in the year and we’re gonna continue to keep learning game by game. I think this is a more mature group. Like I said I just think we’ve learned from our previous experience in games, watching film, I think we’re better at all phases. But we have to go out there and play like it as well. So looking forward to this group going out and playing on Monday. There’s a lot of preparation up until then and we’re grinding away at that right now.

Q: Did the team learn a lot from that game?

A: Definitely. We definitely learned a lot about ourselves in that game. Being down and continuing to keep fighting through the ups and the downs of the year so far. Definitely learned a lot and building character. So gonna continue to need each and every one of us moving forward. This is a big game for us, as well as the games after. But it starts with this one.

Q: Cam Newton did the dab. When are we gonna see Tyrod Taylor’s dance?

A: Nah, I don’t dance.

Q: You can dance or you won’t dance?

A: I can dance. I’m just not…

Q: You dance off the field?

A: Nahh… [Laughs] I might dab here and there. Tell Cris Carter he had it wrong too. It’s not babbing. I don’t know what he said.

Q: How important is it to you to get that first night time and primetime game under your belt?

A: It was definitely good. Regardless of what time you play. But for guys to be playing on a night where everyone watches them, like last Thursday, it was definitely a big stage for us. And it’s another big stage. A great opportunity for our team to go out there and show who we are and what we can do.

Q: How important is this game for you?

A: It’s a big game. Big game for this team. Big team for me. Big game for each individual on this team and we’re all looking forward to it. Gonna be a great match, great bunch that we’re going against, so looking forward to it.

Q: How much better are you then you were two months ago?

A: I think I’ve improved each and every week. Decision making, taking care of the football, proving that I can throw from the pocket, orchestrating our offense and just being a leader. I think I’ve taken steps in the right direction as far as those things go. Just gotta continue to keep improving my game.

Q: You didn’t have a good game last time you played – 8 sacks and what not – do you take that personally?

A: Every time you go out there and perform I definitely take it personal. Whether it’s a good performance or bad performance and every time you get a chance to go out there and prove yourself, those bad performances are in your head. So you definitely want to go out there and show people what you can do and who you are. So I look forward to every time I step on the football field.

Q: You watch a lot of Monday Night Football as a kid?

A: Yeah, I did.

Q: Remember any game in particular?

A: No, I don’t. But this will be a good one.

Q: You’ve managed to avoid interceptions in the past couple games. Did your approach or mindset change at all since the beginning of the season?

A: No, just finding the open guys. We have a good group, a very good group of receivers, a bunch of backs that can catch the football and tight ends as well. Find the open guys, finding matchups that we like and get the ball to them.

Q: You don’t find yourself being more careful?

A: No. Can’t play the game that way.

WR Sammy Watkins

Q: Can you outline the blueprint for the offense and how the run game is helping the passing game?

A: It just is all about possession and holding the ball. That is the key. I think our linemen been doing great. Rushing the ball, we just rushed for a 100 and some yards on the Jets, I mean that is a top five defense. So we just to keep doing the little things in packages and working. We keep running the ball, we can pass it we just switch it up and we can be balanced and that is the key to our success.

Q: Can you go to school on how they handled Odell Beckham last week?

A: They did a lot. I mean they had a great cornerback on him in [Malcolm] Butler. He plays physical and stuff like that. They doubled him sometimes and things like that. But you just really got to, when you’re open make that catch. You are not going to have too many opportunities to be open on those guys. Because they double you sometimes, they play a different style of football. So you just got to be prepared and don’t go to sleep. Because you might not have 100 yards or 80 yards, you might have 40 yards but that one catch to get that first down to go score those are the things that are important in this game.

Q: What are your impressions of what Karlos [Williams] has done so far?

A: He is going to do that every week. Just being the second running back behind a great first running back you get more touches, you get more cleaner looks. Say Shady [LeSean McCoy] come out, he get in he is fresh, he can get a carry and bust it for 40 yards. I mean our offensive line is just doing a great job getting on their blocks. But he is taking it in, everything Shady do, he does it. He is basically a starter for us. He has been playing exceptional, and he has been practicing well, he has been studying well. He can stay in about every play just like Shady. He has been playing great for us.

RB Karlos Williams


Q: Rex has been talking about that you guys need to play a lot better, I think he said something like a zillion times better today to be able to beat the Patriots as opposed to what you did in week two. Do you guys feel the same way, that there needs to be a big improvement from that game to this one?

A: Yeah we feel that way, but it’s about going out there every day, executing the plays and the game-plan that we have going in and I think that will show as we prepare this week and I think that will show when we get ready to play on Monday night. You can’t really say you’re going to go out there and play a great game or play your worst game, you never know, but we have to practice, execute, and we did that today, we did it on Monday, and we see things progressively getting better each and every day.

Q: How much of being better involves a better attitude, a better mindset, in terms of controlling the emotions?

A: A lot, a lot. Going up there with a more calm mindset, worry about executing the plays, worry about completing passes, getting five to ten yard runs, moving the ball down the field, making stops on third downs on defense, I think that will definitely control our emotions and put us in a better state of mind as far as the game goes. Like I said before, we want to execute each and every day in practice and that’s going to put us in a better comfort zone to go out and execute on Monday.

Q: Are you looking at this game as just another game in the schedule or does it have that extra emphasis on it?

A: Every divisional game has that extra emphasis on it because whoever wins the division most likely gets a first-round bye or you get that top seed going into the playoffs so it’s always like that, but we see it as another game. We have to go out there and execute, we want to win every single game, I think that’s the object of when you go into the season is to go undefeated and win every single game. We’re going to go out there and execute and play the best way we can play and come out with a W.

C Eric Wood


Q: Does this feel like Groundhog’s Day a little bit? I mean this team, coming off of two wins, the last time you guys played the Pats you had that huge win over the Colts, it just seemed like team-morale, fan-morale was really high and now once again, everybody’s up and it’s the Patriots. What’s different about this week if there is one?

A: It’s still us versus them. We’ve played them once but we were familiar with the players beforehand, a lot of similar faces. Obviously we have to execute better this time and not put ourselves so far behind but a lot of that comes through preparation.

Q: You can’t put Tyrod (Taylor) in that situation again, can you? To try come back against (Tom) Brady, especially in New England, is going to be tough.

A: Yeah, yeah. Credit him, he made some plays and got us back in the game and we made it interesting but we don’t ever want to be in that position, that was pretty embarrassing falling behind at home like that.

Q: You’re second in rushing, they’re second against the rush in the league. Does that kind of make you want to go out and prove a point?

Q: Yeah for sure. We want to prove ourselves each and every week up front and as a team, we want to stay balanced and in this league now, a balanced rushing attack is really heavy and we want to keep it that way. Obviously, they’re going to present a big challenge with the front seven they have.

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