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What They Said: Transcript of Rex Ryan's press conference prior to Thursday's practice

Head coach Rex Ryan                  

Q: You a hoops guy?

A: No. Ever since you know the Buffalo Braves left town. Out. What was that Randy Smith and Bob MacAdoo? Not a hoop guy.

Opening Statement:

Alright so you want to talk about Randy Smith or Bob MacAdoo? Or what should get going? Beautiful day out here. We can use this 80 mile-per-hour wind, we are going to take it with us. When we travel to New England on Monday. With that I will open it up for questions. Okay. Thank you very much. That would be awesome. That would be the typical fast Friday. Love it.

Q: When you look at them and their injuries, how do you size them up?

A: First off let me cry. Get rid of this because no team has injuries. We certainly didn’t go through that at all. Hey they are going to get three offensive linemen back. I mean I get they played without three offensive linemen, so yeah that is a big factor. They lost good player in [Julian] Edelman and things. No, shoot they got good players behind them. So I don’t think there is going to be that big of a difference. Obviously there will be some, there was a reason Edelman was a starter. You know they are going to do the same thing regardless of who is in there. That is the Patriot way.

Q: How much does 12 make up for that?

A: Is he still playing?

Q: Last time I checked.

A: Oh, he probably helps them a little bit.

Q: What is it about them playing at home in the building, beside them being a good team?

A: Well no, I mean. But I think that they are a good team. There are some things, I got some things I shared with my team.  There are things we know is a formula for success in this league, a proven formula for success in this league. One of them is runs and completions. When you total up runs and completions for the game, rushing attempts not necessarily yardage, but rushing attempts and completions. That is usually a barometer of success and failure. The other one is turnovers obviously. And then the third key one that has popped up is more recently is the passer rating differential. And so we mention that to our team all the time, it is a target of our team and I am sure it is without question obviously theirs, and probably every team in the league. But here is some numbers for you. When they are at home when they win the runs and completions battle they are 60-5. Okay over [Tom] Brady’s tenure there, and these are all home games. When they win the turnover battle they are 62-1. When they win the passer rating differential they are 55-1. So those are things that…so what it is yeah, it is a team thing. They are trying do what every other team is trying to do. We are trying to win those things. But those check marks and on our side of the ledger. Obviously they have been incredibly successful that way and we know we have to, this just in we better play way better than we in played week two. The plan is to not give them the same thing we did week two.

Q: That would involve Tyrod throwing the ball a lot, can you afford a game where he has to go head to head with Brady throwing the ball?

A: You know what I am confident in the way we can throw the ball. But we better protect the passer better than we did week two. We got sacked eight times. Here is what happened week two in a synopsis. The good, the bad, and the ugly. The good is the way we kept competing. That was the good. The bad is that we couldn’t come back in time. Obviously they dictated the pace of the game, and everything else. And the ugly was each side of the ball. The ugly is 520 yards, 466 passing, 212 YAC, yards, yards after catch. You ain’t going to beat anybody that way. Now granted they deserved it, they are the ones who, they executed, and we never executed on defense. Offensively we got sacked eight times, we threw three interceptions, and during the span of seven straight positions we had two interceptions, and five three and outs. I don’t think you are going to beat Orchard Park, let alone the New England Patriots. So you know to their credit they are the ones that did that too us. But we are the ones, I think, obviously we never executed the way we needed to, but the same time we got to look at what we were asking our players to do. And say we better change something or you are going to get the same thing that happened and we definitely don’t want that.

Q: And the 14 penalties, do you get the sense that problem has been dealt with?

A: Its definitely been dealt with internally. There is no question about it. We have talked about it in great detail with our guys. We go out, I don’t think anybody does more about that than we do. We are very serious about it. I think our team is a much better team than it was then. I think I have great understanding of our guys and all that. I think we were out coached, we were out everything that game. So that is why I believe we will be much better. I think we know who we have, we know how we can’t play. We had five penalties on special teams alone that day, three of them dead ball penalties. It is ridiculous, it is not acceptable. Yeah we have talked in great detail to our players about it, and we know that, that is not our formula. The only way we can out, we got to prove it. We got to show we are a different team than we were in week two.

Q: When did you get a sense of how good Karlos Williams really was?

A: Well as I said Doug [Whaley] and I were talking about it, if we knew he was going to be this good we would have taken him higher than the fifth round. You know he did, he had size, speed and he was tough. He was a great special teams player at Florida State, I mean tremendous. So we knew he had the size, the measurables and all that. We knew he was tough, loved to play the game, real passionate about it. But did we realize what we had. I think in training camp that was when it was like, oh this kid has some special qualities. There is no questions about it. The scrimmages, all that type of stuff we did you can see then that we really had something.

Q: Is it any coincidence that you are 4-1 when Karlos and LeSean are active for the same game?

A: I mean I guess that bodes well for us because they are both up this week. But I think it is, obviously you got to have good players. And when you have those two guys healthy, you have Sammy Watkins healthy, you have your quarterback healthy, you got a better chance. That goes without saying. Certainly we will have…they were healthy week two last time we played them. We obviously have to play a zillion times better, we got to coach a zillion times better then we did week two to have an opportunity to win this game.

Q: It stands reason, if you want to play keep away from Tom Brady a good running game would help?

A: Yeah a little easier said than done. This team is…the thing I have really been impressed with, with New England we all know there offense is the best in the league. They always are.  But there defense is playing extremely well, and not just in the red zone where they always excel. You look at them even with the numbers they are one of top defenses in the league. So they are doing a tremendous, they get after the passer. The kid from Syracuse is killing it, I think he leads the league in sacks, and a lot of them are three man rushes, so he is beating two guys a lot of times. So he has a great motor and he is long and can do all those types of things. So I have been really impressed with their defense. And the kid that is coming back that was injured last week, or sat out with the illness, the kid from Southern Miss is I mean man oh man is he playing well.

Q: They are second in the league against the run, and you are second the in the league in rushing, is something going to give there?

A: Yeah, I guess.  I mean last week we played the first team, the team that was number one against the rush. So I mean we will attempt it and we will see what happens.

Q: Some teams might lay off the gas a little bit with a four game division lead, but because they are playing you is that not possible?

A: I guess anything is possible.

Q: You have a history with them though?

A: I have a history with them, but I mean of course they want to bury me. I mean no question they want to beat me. But this is nothing to do with me, it has something to do with our team. You know yeah they want to put us away, there is no question. When you look at it from their perspective, right now we are second in the division. So it is like of course they are going try to do whatever they can, just like we are going to do whatever we can. You know does that give us an opportunity to win the division, no. They are going win the division. I don’t see them losing four games, you know in the upcoming things. I hope I am wrong but I don’t see it happening.

Q: Tom Brady said yesterday that you play each other so many times it’s not even worth trying to anticipate the next move of your opponent.

A: No absolutely. Shoot they did the same thing with us. They flipped it on us last week…or last time we played them. Hey I got this game plan. Shoot. They won that one, nothing but empty there. They just carved us up and it really wasn’t what I was anticipating from them. So there’s always that chess match you know anytime you go against a Tom Brady. A guy with that kind of experience, that kind of head on his shoulders. There’s always that and you know what? He’s won a lot more of those then he’s lost against me but I will say this – we’re gonna go right back out there with our chess board and let’s go. See what happens.

Q: They threw 59 times last time. Would it surprise you if they ran the ball on you this time?

A: Yeah. That would surprise me. But I mean they’ve done it in the…I’ve seen that. I’ve seen it where they came here one time and played Buffalo. I remember Mike Pettine was bragging because he held them to like 300 yards, but 280 of them were rushing. I’m like…Pet I’m not so sure I’d be bragging about that one. But I mean there’s different ways of getting a beat down, that would certainly be one.

Q: When you said you figure they’re gonna win the division, do you concede to the vision of them already?

A: No I’m just telling you the facts. The only thing I’m focused on his beating them right now. On Monday night and we ain’t conceding that. I can promise you.

Q: You’re last four games against Tom Brady with the Jets you held him a bit. Do you think your Buffalo defense can do that?

A: Well yeah I mean each game’s different. There’s no question about it. Each one is its own game and things are different. But obviously I never expected to give up 466 passing yards to Tom Brady or anybody. But that’s what happened. So to say do I think we have the talent to play better than that? 100 percent I say we have the talent to play better than that. Like I say, we better play better than that. We better coach better than that. I can contributed to that 466 passing yards. Wasn’t just my team, it was me, and so you gotta look at it and I got to be better. I’m gonna be better and I think that’s, to a man, that’s kind of how you feel. Does that mean we’re gonna be good enough to beat them? We’re gonna show up and we’re gonna come into that game expecting to win and we realize we’ve got to improve a zillion times better than we were the last game. We get it. We know we’re a better football team we’ll find out how much better.

Q: Why have the Giants through the years have so much success against the Patriots?

A: Yeah you look at all, what the whole league does. Bob Sutton was with Kansas City, he’s a great friend of mine, great defensive coach and things. You know went back, you can look at that game that they played against New England when they destroyed them. That is when I heard, hey Tom Brady is human. Right? After that game and then all of sudden he strung up like 10 straight wins or whatever it was. Showing everybody that he’s not. But yeah you look at anything, there’s no question. But I think it starts with the pass rush, I think that’s where it really started. With the Giants, they seem to be able to get some pressure on him and then they do a great job moving the football. It’s complimentary football, it’s the only way you have a chance to beat them. We have to be at the top of our game, the very top of our game, on special teams, on offense, and on defense to have a chance to win this game.

Q: How different is it to prepare for them knowing their injuries?

A: Well I think they have guys that play the same, similar roles and things like that. So whether it’s Mack Herron at running back, or whoever it’s gonna be, it’s gonna be the same deal.

Q: How much are you looking forward to this match up on Monday night?

A: Well I’d much rather play somebody else. But this is the team that’s on the schedule and here we come. They’re gonna get our very best, they know that. Without question. New England knows we’re gonna give everything we have.

Q: If you are going to make a run down the stretch this game could really tell you a lot.

A: The thing is…cause this one is the next game and we know how important it is for us cause you’re right, every game is important now. We’re trying to do whatever we can to get in the play offs. Beating an AFC opponent, a divisional opponent, absolutely is huge.

Q: Where does Bill Belichick rank as a coach compared to others you’ve played against?

A: You guys know how I feel about him and things like that. But I’m tired of saying hey, he’s the best. Yeah no kidding and anybody who says he’s not is full of whatever. So with that being said I’m gonna say he’s not very good.

Q: Do you have a relationship with him off the field?

A: I know Bill (Belichick), you know well. My twin brother, by the way I know he just got whacked or whatever, but he did win two Super Bowls with Belichick. My twin brother coached under him. So I feel like I really know him and all that kind of stuff through him. Maybe it’s a twin deal or whatever. But when we see him it’s not like we, oh go up and hey we’re gonna walk across, oh shit there’s…excuse me…shoot there’s somebody. Is that live? Yeah you know what I think it’s…we aren’t avoiding each other. You know what I mean? But he’s not gonna take me out to eat.

Q: Are you expecting Marcell Dareus to practice today?

A: Yes.

Q: People say you are obsessed with the Patriots. When you hear that talk – describe your approach to the Patriots.

A: It’s no different than any other week. That’s the honest to goodness truth. Now the reason they say obsessed, I want what they have. They’ve won some rings or whatever. I ain’t kissing them, but I respect them. I admire the fact that they’ve been that successful through the years. But that’s what I’m chasing. I want to win, man. I mean that’s as simple as that and to do it…if you really want to be the very best then you gotta go ahead and beat this team. You got to find ways to beat them and that’s what drives me. I don’t want to just beat some…you know some whoever. You know some local school. West Seneca High School.

Q: I’m sure you’ve talked to Rob (Ryan) about the Patriots. What was the most useful piece of information he gave you?

A: I think the biggest thing is the preparation and you’ve always heard of situational football and you know really talking to him, I took a lot of those things that he said. Obviously how they looked at him, you’re gonna learn from things. But that’s what we try to do here. Even setting up practice schedules and things like that. Even in the off season, going into training camp and things. So I’ve stolen from him through my brother.

Q: Is red your new favorite color after that game?

A: Man if we just keep winning, I’ll keep wearing it.

Q: Is that the same hat since Thursday?

A: What do you think we have an unlimited budget? Of course it is.

Q: Have you been wearing it around all week?

A: When you don’t shower and you gotta come back, you gotta put on a hat. So I’ve learned that through the years of coaching.

* * *

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