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Letter: Lorigo is ill-informed on resettlement process

Lorigo is ill-informed on resettlement process

I am writing in response to the ill-advised comments made by County Legislator Joseph Lorigo regarding the placement of Syrian immigrants in Western New York. By his suggestion, those holding Syrian passports create an unmanageable risk to the rest of us. Although he was ill-informed on the process which, according to the International Institute has brought only a handful of such refugees to our area, Lorigo chose to pander to the xenophobes among us rather than lead.

By his logic, anyone holding a Syrian passport creates an unmanageable risk. How is this different from suggesting that anyone owning a licensed gun is a mass-murderer, a theory that no one – on any side of the gun control issue – believes.

Please, Legislator Lorigo, pander less and think more. Your constituents deserve better.

Martha Buyer

East Aurora