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Eden school parents seek return of late bus run

Parents unable to drive their children home from after-school activities want the Eden Central School District to restore the late bus run.

Residents urged the Board of Education to offer transportation to students who stay after school for extracurricular activities Wednesday night.

A Town of Evans resident stressed the importance of the late bus run for parents who cannot leave work early.

“I cannot afford to do that five days a week to give my child the opportunity to participate in an after-school activity,” Sabrina J. Woodworth said.

Another parent expressed his fear that children could be struck by vehicles while walking.

“I don’t want my children to be a statistic because of the failure to provide a late bus run,” said Edward R. Rybarczyk, an Eden resident.

Many students do not walk home in the rural district that contains parts of five towns. If forced to walk, some of them must go onto the road because rural roads lack sidewalks.

After eliminating the late bus run three years ago, district officials heard no complaints until the last few weeks, said Marisa L. Fallacaro, director of athletics.

“When we initially looked at it, there wasn’t a need,” she said.

Fallacaro surmised that the demand emerged because there are more seventh- and eighth-graders with both parents working full time during the day.

She also met with a group of parents Monday night in the Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop on Main Street.

“I was very pleased that they brought the concern to me,” she said.

One resident requested a survey to determine the number of students who need transportation.

“I do not believe a comprehensive analysis for late bus runs has been performed in several years,” Michael P. McCarthy said.

A survey or study could occur next year.

“I think there is a definite need for a survey,” Fallacaro said.

In another matter, board members congratulated Fallacaro, who coaches the girls varsity volleyball team, for the team’s 17th consecutive trip to the state finals.