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Lakeshore superintendent urges community to speak out on academic standards

Lake Shore Central School Superintendent James Przepasniak is encouraging members of the community to make their voices heard on academic standards.

“To respond to the learning standards otherwise known as the common core,” Przepasniak said.

The superintendent asked School Board members during a meeting Tuesday if they would do a “homework” assignment and visit and take the online survey concerning the New York State Common Core Standards and English Language Arts/Literacy and Mathematics. 

The survey allows anyone living in New York State to offer opinions about the standards for students from Prekindergarten through Grade 12. It will be available to be taken through Monday, Nov. 30.

Przepasniak is also encouraging parents, community members, teachers and administrators to take the survey, but he warned that the survey can be overwhelming, and that it is his understanding that it would take about 3½ hours to read the entire document and complete the survey.

He noted that it is not expected that those who go to the site will read the entire thing, but that most people will find a couple of areas that are of particular interest.

“They are asking that you do some (of the survey),” he said.

According to Przepasniak, about 50 percent of the responses have been from educators.

The Common Core Standards were adopted by the New York State Board of Regents in 2011.