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Letter: Keep apartment buildings away from Elmwood Village

Keep apartment buildings away from Elmwood Village

We were surprised to learn that Ciminelli is planning to build two apartment buildings along a crucial section of Elmwood Avenue (within the Elmwood Village area). Even more of a surprise and disappointment was that the Elmwood Village Association seems to be at best neutral and at worst supportive of this proposal.

The idea that small shops can be replaced without changing the character of the area with four- to five-story apartment buildings (no matter what is said about maintaining architectural compatibility with the area) is simply not true. The concept of the Elmwood Village would be lost if it is turned into a series of apartment buildings fronting Elmwood.

Our city leaders should help prevent this erosion of the charm of the Elmwood Village stemming from its many small shops and restaurants as well as architecture. Building up the Elmwood Village has taken many years, and to allow it to now become a hub for oversized apartment buildings (at least for these locations) should be opposed by anyone who cares about the future of this neighborhood. Certainly zoning laws and permits should be used to preserve this area and prevent anyone from disrupting our community by building structures that are incompatible with the neighborhood.

Nina Ruth Wright

Terry Beerman