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It seems to us: Set a place for Fido, distressing news for carnivores and D.C. cop gets it right

Man’s (and woman’s) best friend is now welcome at the restaurant table. Expect to hear a lot of “down, boy” and “good dog.”

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo signed legislation making it legal for restaurants to open their outdoor dining areas to dogs. This is a nice treat for dog lovers. Dogs, too. Not so much for the patron who is a little less inclined toward canines. Not so much, either, for canines inclined toward rough play or turf battles.

And it might be a bit uncomfortable to be munching on a hot dog with your dachshund staring at you the whole time. Woof!

Now speaking of hot dogs, if you’re a vegetarian maybe it didn’t matter that the World Health Organization announced this week that hot dogs cause cancer. And not only hot dogs, but bacon, ham, sausages and other processed meats and probably red meat, too. In short, just about everything that makes a carnivore’s life worth living has been, literally, taken off the table.

But wait, like coffee before it, whole milk is now back in. How long can it be before cream is celebrated, in particular the version whose name is preceded by “ice?” Is it possible that in another 20 or 30 years, we will again be celebrating the joys of a grilled hot dog on a summer day?

At least they’re leaving beer alone. For now.

With all the attention focused on police officers who go too far – including the one in a South Carolina school who lost it over an obnoxious teenager – it’s worth noting when one does something brilliant to defuse a tense situation.

That’s what an unnamed officer did in Washington, D.C., this week. After a group of teens refused her request to leave the scene of a confrontation, she responded cheerfully when one of them challenged her to a dance-off to determine what happened next. The cop took them up on it and blew them away with her dance moves.

After that, it didn’t matter who won. The officer changed the tenor of the moment and even changed the discussion. End of confrontation. That’s policing.