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Lockport drug dealer sentenced to state prison; more felonies pending

LOCKPORT – A Lockport cocaine dealer was sentenced Friday to 2½ years in state prison, and more drug felonies are pending against him.

Joshua D. Cooney, 27, of Elmwood Avenue, had pleaded guilty to fifth-degree criminal sale and attempted fourth-degree possession of a controlled substance. He sold $120 worth of cocaine to a police informant on July 31, 2014, and had 0.13 ounces of the drug when the county Drug Task Force raided his then-apartment on North Transit Street Sept. 26, 2014. He forfeited $226 confiscated in the raid.

After pleading guilty July 15, Cooney made bail and allegedly went back into the cocaine business. He was arraigned two weeks ago on a new indictment accusing him of selling cocaine to police informants on Sept. 4 and 8.

Defense attorney Theresa L. Prezioso blamed Cooney’s record, which includes numerous short jail terms for minor crimes in Lockport, on drug addiction and mental illness.