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Letter: Walter’s sales tax formula will hurt us all in long run

Walter’s sales tax formula will hurt us all in long run

What a great disappointment it is to realize Raymond Walter wants to take from the poor and give to the rich. What does this say about his moral compass? Doesn’t he realize that as the cities of Buffalo, Lackawanna and Tonawanda thrive so do the suburbs and, therefore, as those cities maintain their levels of poverty, the suburbs do not grow?

He proposes to revise the county’s sales tax formula, increasing the suburban tax rate to $166 from $139 and decreasing the cities’ tax rate from $308 to $166. It is distressing to have a politician recommend that each suburban resident’s tax revenue be increased by $27 and the tax revenue of the cities be decreased by $142 per taxpayer.

With one of the top business districts in New York State, I trust the residents of Williamsville will see that a $27 increase compared to a $142 decrease for their city neighbors is of no good in the long run and quite damaging to them as well. May they and many other suburban residents have the moral compass that Walter lacks.

Marguerite Battaglia