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City Hallways (Oct. 29)The Chris Grant touch

Calendar Item
Preservation board meets this afternoon.
Third and final day of the city foreclosure auction.

The designer
There's been a lot of chatter in City Hall lately over the glossy mailings Republican Peter Rouff sent out in recent weeks attacking  Joel Feroleto, the Democratic councilman from the  Delaware District.  It's partly because the mailings are so cutting, portraying back-room deals  and shady, insider politicians. But it's also because they're so  professionally done. So slick. So  detailed. The  kind of stuff only an experienced  political insider could do. Not what you'd  expect from an orthodonist like Rouff, they say.  More like a GOP  campaign veteran like Chris Grant, the long-time aide to County Executive and U.S. Rep. Chris Collins who also owns  his  own political consulting firm,  Herd Solutions, which specializes in getting Republicans elected in Democratic districts.  So  I asked Rouff. Did  Chris Grant do  your campaign mailings? Yes, Rouff said. Grant's doing them. Rouff said he  met  Grant  some  five  or six years ago - through  a friend of  a friend sort of thing. He knows Grant's a professional, and does a good job, he said.
I  mentioned that Grant was among those whose homes were raided in May by state investigators whose target was believed to be Democratic  political operative G. Steven Pigeon.  Democrat Steve Casey's home was also raided.  No  charges were ever filed against  against any of the three, and we haven't heard much about the raid recently.
"He's  been a very good friend of mine for half a dozen years," Rouff said of Grant.  "He knows  the  political landscape of  this city.  He's not been charged with anything. I think Chris is a victim in  this.  His  reputation was unnecessarily sullied. I will support my friends."

Delaware District Q&A
I was at the Rouff-Feroleto candidate Q and A last night sponsored by the Parkside Community Association. The candidates answered questions for an hour, detailing what they want to do if elected. There were also questions related to Rouff's campaign lit attacking Feroleto. Here's a link to a story I wrote on the event for

Gotta eat:
Enough with the politics. Here's a few things I learned on the food front:
City Planning Board next week is reviewing Michael Jacobbi's plan for a sit-in restaurant with front patio at 59 Allen St.  The board is also reviewing plans for Sun Valley Market, a take-out restaurant and food store planned for 2235 Genesee.

In today's Buffalo News and, I have  story on Mayor Brown supporting Uber.  Also, as I said before, a story on the  candidates night.

Countdown: General election in five days.

And finally: Game 2 didn't go so well .  They're back in New York Friday.  Go Mets.
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