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Letter: Walter’s tax plan designed to help all county residents

Walter’s tax plan designed to help all county residents

Everyone needs to take a close look at Ray Walter’s Fair Share Plan. The modernization of our current sales tax formula will finally treat our towns and cities equally. Our school districts will receive more funding and our property taxes will be lowered. It’s about time the towns in Erie County receive their fair share. For far too long town residents have been denied an equal distribution of Erie County taxes.

Mark Poloncarz seems disinterested in our towns. He only seems to focus on giving more to our cities – a population that leans left and generally supports his candidacy. It’s time Poloncarz stops playing politics with our tax dollars. Someone needs to remind him that he isn’t running for mayor, but Erie County executive. Poloncarz wants to talk about “One Buffalo.” We are more than just a city and we need to work together to better our whole community. Walter’s plan focuses on helping all of Erie County.

Stephen M. Sementilli