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City Hallways (Oct. 28) A little CC humor

Calendar Items
Public hearing from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in City Hall on state legislation to legalize marijuana in New York State.
Day 2 of city's foreclosure auction.
Delaware District candidates night event sponsored by Parkside Association at 7 p.m. at St. Mary's School for the Deaf.

Park it in the driveway
I just heard about a snow plan being considered in a Lovejoy neighborhood that flashed me back to last year. It was when the worst of the snowfall ended, but many streets were still being cleared. I dropped my son off at his friend's house off Niagara Falls Boulevard in the Town of Tonawanda, then took an iPhone picture of a snow-cleared intersection in the Tonawanda subdivision. I got home about 20 minutes later, and took a picture of a snow-clogged intersection near my North Buffalo house. A day or so later, I showed the two photos to Buffalo's streets commissioner, who talked  about how suburban communities, with lots of residential driveways, can ban on-street overnight parking so plows can get through. Now, I'm hearing that's what the Lovejoy neighborhood wants. When the Academy St.- St. Mary's Road block club took a vote recently, residents supported a ban on overnight on-street parking during the winter months. Lovejoy Councilman Rich Fontana said he's not positive, but thinks pretty much all residents on the two streets have driveways. He's in the process now, he said, of contacting all residents on the two streets to get a broader vote. If 75 percent support the overnight winter parking ban, he'll take the idea to the the Common Council for approval.

Neighborhood News - Lakefront Village
There's apparently been a string of burglaries at some of the waterfront condos. Must be kind of brazen. Even chained up bicycles are being stolen. Someone's apparently cutting the chains. Residents are concerned that the street lighting at Lakefront Village is inadequate. The Common Council is asking the city's Public Works Department to do a lighting study, and recommend ways to improve nighttime visibility.

Common Council Humor
Masten Councilman Ulysees Wingo mentions a Halloween event for Masten youth at the Buffalo Science Museum Saturday.
Another councilman asks Wingo if he's going in costume.
"I'm going as President Pridgen," Wingo responds.
"Is he going to shave his head?" another councilman asked, a reference to the hair atop Wingo's head, and not Darius Pridgen's.

Latest from Delaware District
Another piece of campaign literature from Republican Peter Rouff was in my mailbox when I got home last night. It was another attack on Democrat Joel Feroleto as a political insider indebted to political bosses. Nothing yesterday from the Feroleto campaign.

Countdown: Six more days until the Nov.3 election

In today's, I have story on campaign spending in the Delaware District (Rouff outspent Feroleto four to one) and also a story on the Council approving, and the mayor signing, Feroleto's amendment to the city's fair housing anti-discrimination law to cover individuals with service dogs and cats.

And finally: Go Mets

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