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Charles Clay's quiet day didn't need to be quiet

Tight end Charles Clay seemed to be a logical go-to guy for the Buffalo Bills last weekend in London against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The 6-foot-3, 245-pounder who's so often a running back in the open field was fresh off a big game against Cincinnati. Whoever's the quarterback --- Tyrod Taylor or EJ Manuel --- Clay is an ideal option underneath.

So after Buffalo's 34-31 loss to Jacksonville, many fans on social media were wondering: Where's Clay? He finished with three catches for 26 yards.

A look at the coaches' film, however, shows that Clay could've actually had a huge game for the Bills. At times, he was open and quarterback EJ Manuel didn't see him. Another play, he couldn't hang on. Another play, he slipped. Out of the bye week, the Bills might look to get Clay rolling against his old team.

Here are a handful of missed opportunities...

Third and 17, second quarter (interception to Paul Posluszny)

EJ Manuel guns a pass here to Chris Hogan, who's surrounded by receivers. Clay probably wouldn't have gotten the first down here, but he's open underneath and the safer completion could've kept Jacksonville off the scoreboard.

Pos pick (Clay)

First and 10, second quarter (incomplete, tipped at line)

Lined up in the right slot, Clay gets open on an in-breaking route but the ball is tipped.

INC to Clay tip

First and goal, third quarter (three-yard checkdown to Boom Herron)

Both Clay (second from top) and Chris Gragg (third) release and are open in the end zone. Manuel instead checks down to Herron and the drive eventually stalls.

Clay in EZ

Second and 10, fourth quarter (incomplete)

Clay gets a great release, finds a hole in Jacksonville's defense and Manuel puts this one on the money. He can't hang onto the 15-yarder, however.

Clay (good pass)

Third and 10, fourth quarter (sack)

Trailing 27-16, the Bills faced a third down at their own 47. As Manuel was tripped up at his ankles, Clay was slipping to his feet at the top of his route on what could've been a 15-yard gain.

EJ sacked:Clay slipped j


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