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The Super Handyman: Handy holder for paper towels

Paper towels are great in the shop, too. I keep a roll right on my workbench. I installed an inexpensive paper towel holder that I used to have in my kitchen onto the side on my workbench. It was easy enough to do, and it keeps a roll right where I need it when I am painting, cleaning or doing any other messy work. Put a holder in your garage or your garden shed. There are lots of places other than the kitchen for paper towels!


Dear Kelly: If you have gas appliances, you should have carbon monoxide detectors in your home. When we had our heater inspected, we discovered a major problem with its vents. Thank goodness we had it inspected before we used it. We added a second detector just to be extra safe. And here’s something else I learned: These detectors will go bad with age, so if you have one that is old, you might want to replace it, just to be safe. – S.P.


Super hint

If you have plans for making a jack-o’-lantern, spray it with a little bleach-and-water mixture once you have finished carving it. Do this every day to prevent mold, which eventually will ruin it.


Dear Ms. Carrell: I’ve made the switch to LED candles instead of the real thing. I accidentally knocked over a candle and almost burned the house down. That was the last time I will have a candle burning in my home. Some of the new LED candles have built-in timers, so if you wish, you can set them once, and they will automatically come on whenever you set them to, without flames or the danger that comes with that. They actually look pretty good. – M.H.


Q: I’m going to try my first wallpaper job in the guest bathroom. If it doesn’t come out perfectly, I won’t have to see it very often. I want to practice before I try the dining room. My question is, What is “strippable” paper, and why would I want to buy this type? – K.L.

A: Strippable wallpaper is better to use because it’s made so that when you decide to make a change, it will come off easily. You may have heard that wallpaper is hard to remove, but if it’s put up correctly, it’s not very hard. Take your time, and have some fun doing it. As my Dad always would say, “It will look good on your resume!”


Dear Super HandyMom: I created a neat way to clean out my shop drawers and storage boxes. I used a large piece of hardware cloth to place over the top of the drawer. Then I used my vacuum to clean out the dust and other debris. Anything larger will be stopped from being sucked into the vacuum by the screen, and will fall back into the drawer when the vacuum is removed. – R.P.



We’ve always used the two-part epoxies and had great success. But SEAL-KRETE has a one-part epoxy that will do the same thing with less mess and no mixing. Epoxy-Seal resists peeling and blistering, and will stand up to road salt, as well as hot tires. It’s three times more durable than patio paint, too. That means it’s perfect for floors, porches, pool decks and walkways. You even can have it tinted in lots of different colors, so it will look a lot better than the standard gray stuff. Look for it at paint and hardware stores, as well as home centers. You can get additional details at

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