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Letter: Let’s stop trying to repair things that aren’t broken

Let’s stop trying to repair things that aren’t broken

We’ve all heard the saying, “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke,” or some variation thereof. Well, within the past week two stories have surfaced that fly in the face of this logic. First, we have Rex Ryan dropping Mario Williams and Jerry Hughes into pass coverage instead of letting them do what they do best: rush the quarterback. For the past two seasons under different coordinators, the Bills defensive line has fed on opposing quarterbacks. Yet Ryan, in what can only be called his ego-inflated wisdom, has sought to put his own stamp on this defense.

And speaking of egos, next up we have the Buffalo Common Council voting to move the Canalside concerts to another venue. What? Instead of focusing on fixing neighborhoods badly in need of fixing, or dealing with other pressing issues of which there are many, these misguided officials want to fix something that is not in need of repair. What is the matter with these people? Common sense dictates that those concerts should be left exactly where they are. Jeff Meirs is right; if those concerts are moved to another venue that is not as easily accessible as Canalside, my money and I will stay in the ’burbs.

Jeffrey Warda