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Letter: I-290 Delaware Avenue exit is accident waiting to happen

I-290 Delaware Avenue exit is accident waiting to happen

A recent letter praised the New York State Department of Transportation for the timely completion of the first phase of work in replacing the I-290 bridges over Delaware and Military roads. I, too, applaud the DOT for the timely completion, but have to add the following caveat: What is it thinking?

The exit from I-290 west to Delaware Avenue southbound is one of the most dangerous exits in the area. Why? Because exiting drivers ignore the yield signs and cut off drivers in the right lane southbound on Delaware, because they are a little ahead of them. They also do not obey the speed limit on the exit, and instead continue on as if they were in a 55 mph zone. I have witnessed numerous accidents, and even more near-misses, as southbound drivers try to enter the lane for the I-290 east entrance, only to be cut off or nearly hit by drivers exiting I-290 west, who use the same lane.

The DOT had the perfect solution during the construction period, which was to have both northbound and southbound drivers exit I-290 west on the first ramp, with a light at the bottom for southbound traffic. If the DOT re-establishes that at the end of construction, and closes the I-290 west southbound Delaware exit, the problem would be solved. I hope the powers-that-be take a good hard look at this problem, and realize that a solution needs to be found before there is a fatal accident.

David R. Battaglia