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City Hallways (Oct. 27) Notes in the margin

Calendar Items
In Rem auction starts today
Common Council meeting today. Green Code gets formally introduced.

That S word again
The thing about snow is, as much as we don't want to hear about it until it happens, sometimes planning is necessary. Like last week, when I bought a new snow shovel. And like yesterday, when Public Works Commissioner Steve Stepniak was talking about snow piles. The city has been talking with the Housing Authority, Stepniak said. If this winter is anything like last, and the city needs to pile up mounds of snow it removes from city streets, the BMHA will let the city use the Kensington Heights property on Fillmore Avenue, he said. City-owned property near Central Terminal used last year could be used again this year, Stepniak said. But the city wanted additional sites.

Notes in the margin
Fillmore's Dave Franczyk, who at 61 is the oldest and longest-tenured council member, and who also teaches history classes at Buffalo State College, says the city Green Code is one of the most important documents to be reviewed during his 30 years with the Council. "We really have to do our due diligence," he said. To do that, Franczyk said, he needs something other than a computer copy. "I know it's going to be a lot of dead trees," he said, noting the code is some 350 pages long. "But I need my own copy. I need a hard copy. I need to read it, write notes in the margins." The city planning office responded that it will provide hard copies to each of the nine council members.

More from Franczyk - on waterfront concerts
It was University Councilman Rasheed Wyatt who brought the topic of Canalside concerts up yesterday at a council caucus meeting. After lawmakers a couple weeks ago passed a resolution asking Canalside operators to consider moving  the Thursday night concerts, some councilmen - including Wyatt - got deluged with 'say it ain't so' emails. "And it's not in my district," Wyatt said. The council, Wyatt suggested, needs to clarify that it didn't move the concerts. "We don't have the power to move the concerts," chimed in Franczyk, who introduced the resolution asking Canalside to consider moving the Thursday night music. Franczyk said he was surprised by the strong community reaction to his resolution. After all, he noted, Mayor Byron Brown previously  said it might be necessary to move the concerts as the area gets further developed. "I guess I didn't realize how passionate people are about concerts," Franczyk said. The councilman said that  during his recent primary campaign, when he was going door to door in Marine Drive apartments on the waterfront, he heard repeated resident complaints about the noise and other problems related to the Thursday night concerts. The residents wanted to know what Franczyk would do about it. Thus, his resolution. Franczyk said he remains sympathetic to the resident concerns. "Those residents have a right to peace." But at the same time, he said: "I don't want to ruin anyone's fun. I've gone to a few concerts myself over the years. I had to do something to bring it to the table," he said, adding: " We can resolve this."
As my colleague Mark Sommer wrote in an article after the council resolution, Canalside officials have been, and  continue to, discuss the topic.

Latest from the Delaware District
There was another piece of campaign lit in my mailbox when I got home last night. This was one piece supporting both County Executive Mark Poloncarz and Delaware District Councilman Joel Feroleto. It was interesting, because earlier in the day, a City Hall veteran told me the Feroleto-Rouff council race will help Poloncarz, since the Delaware District race will get more  Democrats out to vote. The long-held theory, of course, is that the county GOP doesn't usually run Republican candidates in the city in an attempt to keep the city vote down. The county GOP  denies that, although Rouff sort of forced his way on to the Republican ballot with a write-in campaign.

Countdown: Seven more days til the Nov. 3 election

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