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Walter sheds no tears over Tisch's planned departure

Republican county executive candidate Raymond W. Walter is among those expressing no tears over Monday's announcement by Regents Chancellor Meryl Tisch that she will not seek re-election when her term ends in March 2016. Walter said the end of Tisch’s reign creates a new opportunity for education reform in New York, highlighting the necessity for change in the state’s education system.


“Our state’s education system is in desperate need of a change; schools across New York are failing their students due to a lack of leadership and mismanagement among the Board of Regents and the state Education Department,” Walter said. “Regents Chancellor Tisch was behind the rushed implementation of Common Core that yielded enough chaos, confusion, and backlash for 20 percent of students to opt out this year. The message is clear: Common Core and its test-and-punish scheme are not working. It’s time to make meaningful changes.


“With Tisch not seeking re-election, there is a real chance for change and a huge opportunity for education reform in New York State. It’s critical that we ensure our next Regents chancellor will act in the best interests of our children, not of special interest groups. It’s time to consider a different route to create the great public schools our children need and deserve. We need to seize this opportunity for change and right the ship now, before it’s too late.”


Walter has opposed Common Core standards as part of his campaign against Democratic incumbent Mark C. Poloncarz.


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