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Letter: Free breast screening is available in county

Free breast screening is available in county

The Oct. 18 “Where We Live” section featured an excellent interview with Maureen Connor, a breast patient navigator at Windsong Radiology. In the great wash of pink during the annual Breast Health Awareness Month, it’s easy to overlook the year-round need for breast screening for all women in our community. Financial barriers caused by high deductibles or lack of health insurance coverage prevent many from receiving this vital preventive care.

The Cancer Services Program of Erie County (CSP), a service of the Erie County Department of Health, can help patients overcome these barriers. We provide free breast screening with mammography, diagnostics and access to treatment coverage if needed. CSP has a network of over 100 health providers in Erie County. Windsong Radiology and CSP are also collaborating to host a free mammogram day at all locations on Nov. 19. For information about enrolling for any CSP services, call 858-7376 or visit

Michelle Wysocki

Program Director, CSP