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Agreement seen on school resource officer for Fredonia

FREDONIA – An agreement for a resource officer to be shared by the Village of Fredonia and the school district is imminent as members of the board of trustees revealed Monday that they had productive meetings with school officials.

Trustees Susan Mackay and Phyllis Jones said they met with Superintendent Paul J. DiFonzo and School Board President Michael K. Bobseine, who agreed that they could offer $30,000 to have a police officer on campus. Mackay said the school officials were willing to accept less than full-time hours to have an officer present at some times during the week.

Mayor Stephen W. Keefe said he is in favor of an agreement to provide police services to the school.

Police Chief Bradley C. Meyers said he is willing to provide coverage.

The village’s police officers used to have a regular presence at the school, but the item was cut from the village budget for the current year due to lack of funds.

Mackay said the school district may approach officials from other areas, including the towns of Pomfret and Sheridan, to see whether they may contribute to the cost of a school resource officer.

“Those people already pay school taxes,” Meyers said. “We shouldn’t go to those areas and ask them to kick in because they already are paying in their school taxes.”

Meyers said that there have already been seven calls to the school since September.

Village Attorney Samuel L. Drayo Jr. said he will work on a contract and present it to the trustees for action at the next session. A resource officer could be on site as early as December.

Also at the meeting, the trustees said they would:

• Consider repairs to the sanitary sewer system in the West Main Street parking lot. Trustee Marc Ruckman suggested that bids for the project should be sought if the Public Works Department does not have the resources to complete the work soon.

• Take action at the next session to replace a typist and a court clerk who are retiring soon. A resolution on the retirements will be drafted for the November agenda.